An Introductory Rant

I’m starting this blog as a space to express my thoughts and feelings, sort of like a diary. Reality has changed profoundly for me in 2016, both in my personal life and in current events. I’m detached, my thoughts run in circles and I don’t even trust myself half the time. I feel like I’m constantly treading water but I can’t swim to shore. By writing stuff down I’m hoping to explore my self and my responses to the reality that is presented to me. I’m hoping to find some truth and meaning in my life once again.

This is what I know.

We’re fucked.

All of us are walking in different realities, I for one cannot see the wood for the trees. I am seriously starting to question my reality. Not only do we have fake news to contend with, but we have legitimate news sources that are so full of bias and hidden agendas on both sides of the political spectrum and normal people who should be fighting together for a better world for everyone truly 100% believing that “the other” is threatening their very existence, and we’re all just shouting at each other and behaving in EXACTLY the same way towards each other while thinking we have the moral high ground, but we don’t. None of us do, we’re all shitty humans who could definitely be doing more than we are to make the world a better place, I know I could be.

Here is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of both the left and right. There is No Such Thing as White Genocide

This whole article is insane, someone makes a context less, bad taste joke about genocide on twitter and we’re not supposed to condemn him? When we usually pick apart every mildly problematic thing people say? Really?! And the people reacting to the tweet with outrage who would normally ask me to stop policing their language for pointing out that sometimes using words to describe someone’s race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability etc etc in a derogatory way may hurt people are hypocrites too. They generally hold freedom of expression up as the most sacred of all rights and will defend even the most offensive of speech as just “banter” or “jokes” or “satire” (sometimes legitimately!) and now they condemn this Professor and call for him to be fired because he said something offensive? What the fuck?!

We’re all fucking idiots, stuck in this tribal way of thinking that is exacerbated by the sheer amount of bullshit we are fed day in and day out. And none of us can see that we are exactly the same as the other side. Divided and conquered. I see it over here in the UK when it comes to the Brexit debate, we’re all suffering from the same problems, lack of infrastructure, underfunded public services, lack of stable jobs, stagnant wages it’s just both sides have been sold a different narrative about what’s to blame, so we turn on each other in the fight for what we truly believe will make our lives better, and our children’s lives better. Each side writes the other off as oppressors and we don’t look for the actual cause of our problems. I no longer know what the truth is. I know what I believe but I don’t know if my beliefs are any more sane than the people that believe everything Britain First shares on facebook.

Yesterday the defense minister of Pakistan tweeted a veiled threat of nuclear force against Israel for something he saw in a fake internet news story. If that fact doesn’t scare you enough to at least make some effort to investigate everything you read, to at least try to sort the truth from the lies then we don’t stand a fucking chance.


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