Make your mind up Daily Express…

Today I saw a news story shared on Facebook that claimed theoretical Physicist Dr Michio Kaku had found proof of the existence of God. Knowing very little about theoretical physics, or Dr Kaku, I had to do some research before writing it off as complete BS.

It really doesn’t take much googling to discover that “primitive semi – radius tachyons” (cited in every pretty much identical article on the matter) don’t exist. Dr Kaku is a theoretical physicist who massively contributed to the development of string theory. I’ve watched some clips of his videos, and interviews with him and it seems like he’s spending his time these days using his charm and charisma to spread complicated scientific ideas to those not formally educated to degree level in scientific subjects.

In a few of his videos he does describe string theory with the following statement;

 “the mind of God, we believe, is cosmic music, the music of strings.” 

If you search for this guy on YouTube you will easily find many many videos of him using poetic language to describe scientific theories.  Waxing lyrically is clearly a tool he is using to express ideas which are normally understood in abstract mathematical terms. It’s a tool to inspire people to become interested in science.

My favorite moment researching this was seeing these two gems come up next to each other in a google search.

Daily Express, make your fucking mind up.



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