Game of Spin

So while having a gander at the Daily Express website while researching my last blog post I came across this article. Read the headline, watch the video, and if anyone ever reads this please tell me you see the spin too?

In that video I see a friendly interview, there is no epic roast, at most there are a some cheeky quips on both sides and Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t seem to crumble. The people commenting on the article though, they see exactly what is described in the headline.

I’ll probably do a long blog post covering my thoughts over Corbyn’s re-branding and how it’s being received by the media but I want some time to get a broad picture and put my complicated and conflicting thoughts into order. For now, I just had to share this because it is completely ridiculous.

I saw an internet comment today which described the world as “embracing Dadaism” and I think the author of that comment was on point. The world has gone absurd, or perhaps it has always been absurd, and I’m only now seeing it?


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