I Need You To Talk To Me…

Here is a poem for everyone who is too scared to speak to their mind. 

I need you to talk to me.

I promise to listen,

You just have to tell me what it is you fear.

Mum, my love for you is unbounded.

My love for you all is unbounded,

But I don’t feel like I can show it all the time.

I need a safe space to truly be myself.

(Maybe we need boundaries?)

To truly be by myself.

(Can I still be free?)

Thank you to everyone who has ever taught me a lesson.

I learn from you all.

Thank you Dad for still guiding me.

For all you taught me and how the lessons have now clicked into place.

I am listening to you,

It is a revelation.

Life, death, dread, we all leave a mark on the world.

Isolation can kill.

It hurts, it really, really hurts,

So find the voices that can lead you like a lighthouse through the dark.

There is something to be learned from everyone. From everything.

Find those who speak from love and compassion and spread the message.

If you leave a trail for other people to find they will follow.

Where you lead, I will follow,

In my own way,

In my own time,

In my own space,

In my own words.

I am listening for you,

 Looking out not for the calls to arms,

 But for the cries for help.

Teach me to speak your language and I will be able to speak for you.

Social Justice Lover (SJL)

Written during my first stay in hospital.


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