i wonder

I love it when I come across something that so perfectly describes what I’m currently going through… I was treading water for a very long time, over the last six months I’ve been drowning. Now I’m letting go of fear, of hatred, of apathy and cynicism . I’m letting go of the quiet mousey girl too afraid to speak, and finally I feel free.

A lot of people may think I have changed; I haven’t. I’m just not afraid to be my whole self. No more hiding.

I haven’t hit the surface yet, that’s going to be a journey that takes a very long time, but I feel like now I can breathe underwater.

A Charmed Life

Sometimes I look at my smart phone and wonder at its smartness; it allows people to talk to me, to see me, it plays music, takes me through my yoga routine, checks me in when I fly, lets me catch up on Eastenders and… well actually it might be easier listing what it doesn’t do, it really is the little gadget that could. 

I do that a lot though – wonder. I often allude in this blog to changes that I made in the last few years, and even though there were specific events that transpired to make me have to change, in hindsight all I really did was pare down my life significantly. I have tried to let go of anything that which did not serve me, be it people, possessions or vibes. The effect has been quite surprising, where I assumed paring down would make my world smaller…

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