When the internet punches you in the gut…

So part of my break-down involved getting emails from hackers/trolls that contained my Dad’s name…

It was very confusing, they came through on my work email, into my inbox. They should have been filtered out.

It was weird.

It was confusing.

It was upsetting.

I knew it was spam, with dangerous attachments, but there is always that thought in the back of your head… “what if…”

I was already feeling like I was stuck in a living nightmare, and these emails didn’t help.

Anyway, today I was attempting to set up my Google + account and whose name comes up in the “people” section… only my Dad’s. So thanks internet, good work.

It’s strange, how once you’ve lost someone just seeing their name come up online, or on a letter through the door can take you right back to the moment you lost them.

I’m OK, this sort of stuff bothers me less and less as time goes on… I’m sharing now as a warning to others, if you’ve lost loved ones lately, there will still be digital footprint out there, sitting and waiting for you to stumble over it. My advice; have a good cry if you need to, and try not to think too deeply about it; that road leads to “madness.”





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