So I’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack a lot since I got out of hospital… wish I could see it live, or at least an official filmed version. That’s the main problem with theatre, there is so much inspiring stuff I want to see but the great old barriers of “time” and “money” stand in my way.

The soundtrack is amazing, if you like history and hip-hop then you’ll love it, the word play is just beautiful.

In these turbulent times the story of Alexander Hamilton seems very relevant… I guess there is a reason it is sold out forever (or so it seems!)…

Some of my favorite lyrics…

“Rise Up! When you’re living on your knees, you rise up. Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up. Tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up.”

“If you stand for nothing, Burr, what will you fall for?”

“There’s a million things I haven’t done… But just you wait! Just you wait!” 

“I’ve been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine, so men say that I’m intense or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation. So listen to my declaration;

‘We hold these truth’s to be self evident; that all men are created equal”

And when I meet Thomas Jefferson I’mma compel him to include women in the sequel.”

“How does a rag-tag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow take down a global superpower?”

“I practiced the law, I practic’ly perfected it, I’ve seen injustice in the world and I’ve corrected it. Now for a strong central democracy. If not I’ll be Socrates, throwing verbal rocks at these mediocrities.”

Honestly, I could just quote the whole musical… to finish though here’s a quote from the real Alexander Hamilton…

“Give all the power to the many, they will oppress the few. Give all the power to the few, they will oppress the many.”




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