Up to the Date


So, just a quick post to update everyone with where I am up to.

I’ve spent the past few days getting acquainted with Loose Space, a two week long event that you should really get down to if you are in Manchester. It’s what hospital should have been.

Unfortunately it’s meant I’ve had little time to write, so thought I would do a quick update for everyone.

Today I’ve been discharged from the Home Care Team, so three cheers for getting a bit of freedom back. The home care team have been a lot better this time around and have been very supportive of my blogging 🙂

I started a time-line exercise today with my care coordinator. We looked at birth to the end of Primary School. This exercise was very useful, especially for self reflection and helping me remember the path my life has taken and how that path has led me to a manic episode.

I’ve also been asked to sit on an interview panel for the early intervention team. It’s common practice for a service user to take part in interviewing potential members of staff. I think this is a really positive procedure; it’s another barrier broken down and is an opportunity for me to feel like I am contributing to society.

Coming soon, through the post, is lots of information from my physical health expert about diet, exercise, smoking cessation and birth control.

I get next week off! No appointments or health checks. This makes me very happy because I’ve been getting stressed coordinating multiple appointments. It’s kept me very busy and there is stuff that I need to sort out. Hopefully next week will be less busy and I can finally get some jobs crossed off my list and get some of the information I’ve managed to gather over the past month into a shareable format for you all.

Today though, is a day of rest. I’m exhausted, I just want to cuddle up on the sofa, eat some comfort food and watch the telly with no guilt that I’m not being productive.

Much love to everyone who is suffering at the moment. Here is a song:


“There’s no doubt about it; it was the myth of fingerprints, I’ve seen them all and they’re all the same.”




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