Soap & Water

Change is good.

Change is welcome.

Change can be progress.

Embrace it.

Embrace change.

People change.

I can be all things.

I am man.

I am woman.

I am rational.

I am artistic.

I can be Christian.

I can be Muslim.

I can be Hindu or Buddhist.

I am a Hippy and a Hipster.

I am a Mosher and a Punk.

A Nerd.

A Geek.

A Mermaid.

I am a Drag Queen.

I am Gay.

I am Straight.

I can be black.

I can be brown.

I am white,

And yellow,

And pink,

And purple.

I am blue.

I am red.

I can be a cat.

I can be a dog.

I can be a Native American.

I can be Indian,

Or Chinese,

Or American,

Or Spanish.

Or French?

I can be offended.

I can offend.

I am an elf.

I am a pixie.

I am spiritual.

I am bi-polar.

I can be traumatised.

I can be schizophrenic.

I can be disabled.

I can be all living things, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals.

I am a real human being.

These are just identities.

With PERMISSON I CAN be all these things.

If only I speak up for all these PEOPLE.

They will let me in.

I AM NOT a hypocrite because I POLICE MYSELF.

I CAN ask others to POLICE themselves.

I do offend.

I get offended.

I say sorry.

Teach me your language.

Let me speak FOR you.

Social Justice Lover.

With thanks to my Auntie Al, for the lessons she taught me. “Feelings and aspirations change, SOAP and WATER is all you need to wash away the past.”

Can I call you Al?


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