Again I turn to Buzzfeed…

Buzzfeed – the place I go for mindless quizzes – to find out which Game of Thrones house I belong in, or which Harry Potter character is my soul mate… and yet more and more I’m turning to them for actual news.

This one is spectacular…

A homeless woman has been imprisoned for begging for 50p. What the actual fuck?

Where is the empathy?

Where is the understanding?

Where is the humanity?

Where is the justice?

With cuts to legal aide this woman was forced to mount her own defense.

From the article:

“The breaches themselves, if not trivial, are at a very low end of the scale and something which the court would be very loathed to send Ms Baker to prison for, if anything else could possibly work but this court cannot simply give repeat injunctions and allow people to go continuing begging, continuing to persist in a nuisance to the population, without some real teeth being given to the injunction.”

Fuck you Judge Mackenzie – beggars aren’t a nuisance, they are vulnerable people who we, as a society, have failed.






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