The Sham of A General Election

So the General Election called by T-2 May is pretty much a huge distraction, right?


Last night Michael Crick announced on twitter that the CPS are considering prosecution of up to 30 individuals including a number of MPs for expenses fraud during the 2015 election.

Interesting timing of calling a General Election. It’s clear that there is less risk for the Conservatives to win a General Election than fight a number of by-elections in seats where MPs have been caught up in a scandal.

So yeah – the GE is just another distraction. While we’re all shouting at each other over how we’re going to vote this story has the potential to slip by many people, to be lost in the ether of the 24 hour news cycle of election coverage.

I feel I need to share this video from C4 detailing their year long investigation into the issue.

At 16:05 minutes John Strafford – a Conservative party activist points out that the reason things like this are allowed to happen is because the party is not democratically accountable to it’s very small membership.

That’s important.

That is the opposite of how the Labour party is – members of the Labour Party have a vote and a say in Labour policy – as a member of the Labour party I can turn up to meetings and have my voice heard. I can help shape the party for the future.

Say what you will about Labour’s past, say what you will about Jeremy Corbyn, at least as a member of the party I know my opinion matters. At least the Labour party are democratically accountable to it’s membership.

A lot of the time the mainstream media use this fact as a way to criticise the Labour party. They make claims that it’s now being held hostage by far leftists trying to bring about some scary socialist revolution.

Just think about that for a minute. We have a Conservative party activist complaining that the Tories are not accountable to the membership, and because of that can get away with deplorable behavior, and the mainstream media reporting that it is a problem that the Labour party are accountable to it’s membership.

This does not compute for me – it doesn’t follow logically that it’s bad to be unaccountable and it’s bad to be accountable.


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