I have decided to take down my blog posts because of the vulnerable nature of the content and myself at the time they were published.

I will probably go through them at some point and may upload some of them again in future.

Until then, I am going to try starting fresh, from a place where I can discuss the topics I want to from the perspective of recovery, and a place of better understanding about my emotional health and well-being.

I’ve updated my About page, linking to my new social media accounts. I don’t know how much I will be creating new posts for this specific blog, but I will be keeping it open and using it to share my new endeavors with you all. I’m grateful to everyone who has followed me, and read my work while I was still active on here, and I hope to be able to share more with you in the future.

So I’m working on some stuff that I’m going to keep under wraps for now.

Watch this space.